Matthew Posey Benefit Concert

Matthew Posey Benefit Concert

Party Static, PVC Street Gang, Hawk vs Dove, The Van Sanchez, Ricki Derek, Mother II, Jeff Whittington, Nick Earl Trio, Jenna Clark, John Pedigo, Manet Jackson, George Quartz, Greg Schroeder, Madison King, Deanna and Trey, Sarah Ruth

Sun, February 19, 2017

1:00 pm

Club Dada

Dallas, TX

$10 donation at the door

This event is all ages

Artistic Director, actor, director, playwright, and theatre visionary, Matthew Posey was a victim of aggravated assault, sustaining two gunshot wounds on Monday, January 30, 2017.

We have decided to throw a benefit concert in his honor to help offset his medical/dental expenses.

We originally thought that his medical bills would be covered by insurance, but found out this morning that his dental costs would be far more extensive, as one of the gunshot wounds was to his face. There is damage to his maxilla, and he lost a number of teeth.

We are suspending the donation account for Ochre House Theater and beginning this new campaign to help Matthew with his dental expenses.

Please be assured that wherever you donated, the funds will help Matthew, in his visionary work or his healthcare. This campaign is specifically for Matt's dental work.

Matthew Posey Benefit Concert
Party Static
PVC Street Gang
Hawk vs Dove
Hawk vs Dove
Hawk Vs Dove is a Dallas down-tempo riff-party. Citing influences such as Harvey Milk, The Jesus Lizard, Melvins, and Boris, Hawk has a knack for gut-churning guitar licks that, slowed down and fuzzed out, will somehow make you punch your own balls repeatedly and enjoy it. Featuring unconventional harmonies and bludgeoning, ominous tones, HVD provokes their listeners into a primordial trance. Progressive without losing sight of nod-worthy songs, and innovative without excess, this band has a grasp on where heavy music has been and where it ought to go.

-Joshua Foster (Four States Heavy Music Promotion)
Ricki Derek
Two love birds with one stone...

On Tuesday, February 14th in the historically romantic Granada Theater all your Valentine suck up needs will be met. You won't have to hear about how you never do anything different or original for at least another year. Crooner Ricki Derek has been performing the standards for more than 17 years in the area and Valentine's Day is one of his specialties. What is more perfect than the Great American Song book to make you feel the allure of romance? Ricki and his Cupid Sextet will perform some of the best songs ever written. From Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole to Mel Torme, Dean Martin and a few others in between, Ricki has brought in some of the best musicians around for this event. After Ricki and the band put on their amazing show, the lights will dim and the Hollywood classic, Casablanca, will hit the big screen yet again. Voted best American screen romance on AFI's list, Casablanca is one of those movies you have to see in a theater and it certainly makes it cooler when that theater is a restored Dallas landmark. This very special and unique evening sold out early last year, so (fellas, we're really talking to you) don't wait until the last minute! We'll see you all you lovers there!
Jenna Clark
Greg Schroeder
Venue Information:
Club Dada
2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX, 75226