Arbor Labor Union

Margin Walker Presents

Arbor Labor Union

Criminal Birds, Dome Dwellers

Tue, June 14, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Club Dada

Dallas, TX


This event is all ages

Arbor Labor Union
Arbor Labor Union
4 Years ago, in the Peach state of Georgia, there was a mighty green Conifer tree whose limbs were wider than the smile on the sun. From this tree hung many a seed. The tree was home to so many creatures big and small. The most fun of them all was perhaps MR. BIRDSONG. Mr. Birdsong was a single white dove known for his beautiful voice and powerful wings. Sometimes, Mr. Birdsong would be so lost in song and dancing that his wings would knock loose one of the Pinecones! The armored seed would then whoosh toward the ground and sometimes break open on the forest floor below. But you see, it's very dangerous when this happens. For inside each pine cone on the mighty green tree lies all of the possible decisions a living person can make! And, luckily, in these seeds on that particular day was the possibility that 4 lifelong friends would decide to form an eternal union founded in sound. Arbor Labor Union was born! Their roots immediately began to burrow deep into the earth (some say towards the ear of Pythagoras!). Most trees in the forest try to grow fast. Many trees's desire is to race one another to the clouds and back. These four trees, however, are growing slowly together. They know beyond every cloud is a radiant, true blue sky and they aim for no less than the cosmos! No one knows which one of the four spoke first. Mr. Birdsong was there and he swears that they all spoke in unison. He sings about it like this:

"Listen now!O! dear listenerFor what I sing is TrueOut from the sound of song forest 4 trees sang I AM YOU"

The trees are still singing in unison today. Most recently the song they could be heard singing has been said to sound like this: "IHer Yu! Ihear u! Iher YOU!"

New Initiate, you must be ready to find these young trees! For those of you who have received this message in full I have included a map below:

In the case that your map gets stolen, I am sorry. It looks as though you will have to hear your way there. Remember these instructions- if you press your ear to the ground you will find that it too has a sound and it sings:

"Past the VOLUME PEAKSAnd down the RADIANT MTN ROADPast the Palace of Sleeping SongsAnd the meditating toadIt is there that you might findFour trees singing so divineI HEAR YOU I AM YOUAnd together we shall shine!"

The bond of music is resounding. And to add more lava to the volcano of song should be sin. For it is known the world could use some silence. But the Arbor Labor Union is still growing in agreeable song. Toward the planets. Toward the Polestars. And toward the People. We are adding bricks to our Tower of BABEL. We are building our song up to Heaven. For belief in an honest sound is BELIEF'd among us. Take the SILENT OATH. Look no further. You have arrived for you have been here all along.We are your banner men. The image on your flag is written in our hearts. It shall be done, for it is already accomplished.


Together we are:Captain Brain Atoms Starship IHU Mind Leader/Omega Kindess OneCaptain Ryan Evers Starship IHU Extratonal Grin GeneratorCaptain Bo Orr Starship IHU Jester Shaman/ Headless GuruCaptain Ben Salie Starship IHU Weathervane Mystic/ Love Ambassador

Sincerely, Jonah Vark
Criminal Birds
Criminal Birds
Criminal Birds is an ambient rock band from Denton, Texas formed in 2011 by Taylor Dondlinger, Grahm Robinson, Reggie Hastings, and Gunnar Ebeling. The band’s unique sound draws from an eclectic blend of lush guitar textures, cutting vocal melodies, and a groovin', in-your-face rhythm section.

Three of the Criminal Birds (Dondlinger, Robinson, and Hastings) began playing and writing music together in 2009 under the moniker Copasetic during their high school years. After a year of gigging and struggling to find a permanent bass player the band split in March of 2010. The band reformed in the summer of 2010 with the addition of bassist Gunnar Ebeling and without Dondlinger. After a year of playing with Dallas band, North of Autumn, Dondlinger rejoined the band in September of 2011.

The group now known as Criminal Birds resides together in Denton, TX where they have been cultivating their sound and churning out songs such as “Speak Louder” and “Let Me Grow” both of which have received airplay on college radio. The band’s live show is one that is “on par with any big ticket national act”, as said by Stephen Ellis of Auditory Asylum regarding their debut performance. The band is currently working on their first EP which is expected to release in early 2013. Keep your eyes peeled for Criminal Birds, as they are a band not to be overlooked.

Reggie Hastings - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Taylor Dondlinger - Guitar
Gunnar Ebeling - Bass
Grahm Robinson - Drums
Dome Dwellers
"Dome Dwellers deal in herbal-scented pop music that sounds not unlike Kings of Leon covering the flaming lips in a kettle, surrounded by a plethora of mind-expanding drugs --- Swerving wildly between the twin beaks of psychedelic pop and out-and-out stoner aggression, [Lie Down] it's one of those tracks that can't help to bring to mind the freak-show spazz outs of Sonic Youth at their peak. --- 'Say it ain't so' should be piped in to prisons across the world in order to reduce inmate violence with its charming guitars sounding like a psychedelic representation of Fugazi unplugged, if you can imagine such a thing. With Cullen Dean's bass playing an important role underpinning Michael J Slack's flights of art-rock fancy and David Gore apparently imagining he's in a jazz band, the music takes all manner of unexpected deviations and it's a simple pleasure to try to anticipate what the band will do next. ---They're the sort of band you'll want to play to your friends and the sort of band that will (and deserve to) inspire a loyal following that will undoubtedly cross oceans to see them play live. --- 'Maybe I should have some pride' is a great record that'll leave you with a huge smile on your face – gloriously, wonderfully unique, it has no immediate peers and it's simply a joyous experience from its atypical start to its distortion-laden conclusion." - Sonic Abuse (United Kingdom)
Venue Information:
Club Dada
2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX, 75226